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The Femme Edition is all about raising the voices of the femme community. We accept first-person articles about experienced (i.e. coming out, creating a family, finding love), as well as reviews (i.e. for fashion, music, TV, movies etc.) Please note most of the time, we require your own photos to be submitted to go with your article.
Please submit short proposals to

We can't wait to showcase and celebrate love within our community! We're looking for proposal stories as well as wedding's. The brides themselves are welcome to submit as long as photographer permission is granted. 
When submitting, please briefly include:
- Couple's Names
- Date and location of the event
- Story of how you met
- Proposal story
- Wedding story
- Professional quality images or videos
- Complete vendor credits with website URLs and social media accounts (where applicable)

*Please note we do not require exclusivity. 

Please submit to

We are unable to respond to every pitch submitted. There is also no guarantee that we will publish stories and articles submitted to us.

The Femme Edition is brought to you by Find Femmes, the LGBTQ+ dating site and community for femmes. Cofounders, and wives, Whitney and Megan launched Find Femmes in 2015 and The Femme Edition in 2020. 

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